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Editorial Policy

We know how important it is for any medical-based website to be trustworthy. We go to significant lengths to ensure our website produced factual and engaging content.

Our Information

There is no shortage of information on the internet regarding mental health – especially given its increasing importance in recent years. However, many of these websites provide inaccurate or outdated information, and can potentially have hidden motives behind their actions.

Here at Mental Health General, we aim to ensure that we provide a trustworthy service which provides you with an excellent resource for all things mental health.

Easy to Understand and Read

We know that mental health is a subject that is difficult for many to understand, so we have attempted to make our content as user-friendly as possible – including reducing the use of long, scientific words, and writing in a way that allows non-experts to understand.

We also ensure that we write in an empathetic manner. This is especially important given the difficulties of suffering with mental health problems. We hope you find our content engaging, welcoming, and friendly.

Sources and References

As you will see on our website, we use several sources to evidence our work. Further information regarding references and the sources used on each article can be found at the bottom of each article.

We ensure that our sources are reliable, trustworthy, have reached valid conclusions, and that they are relevant to an article.

Typical sources include scientific studies, journal articles, meta analyses, statistics, and other reliable sources. As mentioned, you can see the sources used at the bottom of each article, located in the accordion.

Accurate Content

We aim to provide you with accurate information, and to support you in your motive for browsing this website – whether that may be for information purposes, or to be signposted towards getting help.

When creating content, we make sure that it is relevant, of high-quality, and useful to our users. This content will provide a broad overview of its given topic area, and will not be biased or dishonest.

Affiliate Links

On the above note, you may find some affiliate links within our website. For example, when a user clicks on an external link to a website (such as Amazon), and completes a purchase, we may receive a small fee as a result. However, in any instance where this is the case, we will not provide links to certain products unless they are of high quality. We will never link to an unreliable product.

Our Commitment to You

We make sure that our content is readable for everyone, and doesn’t exclude anyone; after all, mental health does not discriminate. It can and does, affect so many people. Simply put, our content is there to support all those needing help.

Any suggestions for us?

We always listen to any ideas for our website, or if you want to question us on anything, or learn more about an article, please contact us, and we will help you out where possible!