Annalise Braakensiek was an Australian model and actress, who made profound contributions to mental health awareness.

After years of mental health struggles, she sadly took her own life in early 2019 at the age of just 46. Her death was very saddening.

Modelling Career

Braakensiek was discovered by a modelling agency at the age of 16, leading to her being thrust into the spotlight. She subsequently became a well-known face in the modelling industry.

Braakensiek appeared in numerous advertisements and films around the world. She appeared in many magazine covers in her native Australia, as well as further afield, like the United States and the United Kingdom.

She was also a decorated actress, being especially well-known for her role in the soap Home and Away. In the United Kingdom, she was also known for co-hosting the game show Play Your Cards Right.

Mental Health Struggles

Braakensiek had bravely mentioned in the past regarding her personal mental health struggles. A social media post in December 2017 mentioned that she was struggling due to life’s challenges, suggesting her life had become “dark, difficult, demanding and down right scary lately”.

In the same year, Braakensiek told the Sydney Morning Herald of how she “couldn’t get out of bed” for around six weeks. Moreover, she said “I couldn’t do anything but cry my heart out” – which followed the deaths of people close to her.

As well as being devastated by those deaths, she also split up with her husband of 16 years, stockbroker Danny Goldberg – in 2018.

Braakensiek also spoke of how she had engaged in talking therapy – having tried Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Some of her final social media posts appeared to hint that she was struggling. One of her final posts mentioned how everything seemed to “feel twisted and upside down at the moment”.

Another post saw her write “I don’t know if a broken heart mends or learns to live in pieces”. These haunting messages became even more poignant after her death.

Braakensiek seemed to be missing someone, suggesting that not a day went by when she didn’t think about her “bestie”. A friend mentioned that Braakensiek felt “abandoned” and “misunderstood by some people” – which is a sad feeling.


After Braakensiek’s friends and family hadn’t heard from her in several days, concern over her welfare was raised, leading to the Police investigating.

Tragically, Annalise was found dead in her Sydney apartment at the age of 46.


Braakensiek received many heartfelt tributes from friends, family and loved ones. Braakensiek had often exhibited a confident and glamorous personality – but like so many people with mental health problems, struggled on the inside.

This serves as a reminder of the importance of supporting others who are going through a tough time, or even those who may just need some help.

But while we mourn her passing, we can only sit back and marvel at her dedication to promoting mental health awareness. She was an ambassador for R U OK? Day – a day which encourages people to ask a loved one regarding their wellbeing.

Aside from mental health, Braakensiek also supported many other charities. She was certainly respected and loved by many.


In one of her final Instagram posts, Braakensiek mentioned that “even the smallest gesture, the simple sincere question of R U OK”, can “quite literally turn a life around”.

These words are very true, and it is heart-breaking to see that someone who worked so hard for others and their wellbeing, didn’t feel able to continue in this world.


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