If you are in a state of crisis, please know that help is available. Please know that what you are feeling is temporary, and that with the right support, you can get better.


If you or a person you know appears to be in imminent danger of harming themselves or others, has taken an overdose, or is exhibiting signs of psychosis (e.g. hallucinations, delusions), this is a medical emergency. If possible, go to A&E. If you are helping someone, stay with the person for as long as possible, but only if it is safe to do so. If you personally feel at risk by the person, you may wish to consider calling 999.

Please remember:

  • You are loved
  • You matter
  • Support is available
  • Try and just get through the next few hours, take each minute as it comes
  • Try to relax and do deep breathing exercises
  • If possible, talk to a friend or family member

Unfortunately, Mental Health General cannot directly help as we are not a crisis service. But we can, and will, direct you to a service that helps those in desperate need.

Located in USA or internationally? Click here for our USA support page, or here for our international support page.

Urgent Support


Call 999 if you or someone else is in imminent danger of harming themselves or others, has taken an overdose, or is exhibiting signs of psychosis.

NHS Urgent Mental Health Helpline

For patients in England. 24-hour advice and support is available, with mental health professionals ready and on-hand to help.

Click this link to see your local helpline number.

Call 111

If you cannot get help through your local NHS Urgent Mental Health helpline, you could call 111. 111 can normally give you instructions on what to do, and call 999 for you if necessary.

Call 111 or use the NHS’s online 111 system at this link.


If you have seriously harmed yourself, or someone near you has, it is advisable to visit A&E. If the circumstances merit it, you may consider calling 999.

Click this link to locate your nearest A&E.

Community Mental Health Team

If you are under the care of the local Community Mental Health Team, you should have been provided with a crisis number to contact. If so, consider calling that number.

Emotional Support Lines

The Samaritans

The Samaritans are available 24/7 and provide an incredible support network to help those in a state of crisis.

Call 116 for free, email [email protected] (for a response within 24 hours) or visit the Samaritans website at this link.

Give Us a Shout

Text “SHOUT” to 85258 – this is a free UK-based 24/7 text service for anyone who is in a crisis.

Send the text message as instructed above or visit Give Us a Shout’s website at this link.


Call 0800 068 4141, send a text message to 07860 039967 or email [email protected] to reach this emotional support line.

Papyrus does not offer 24/7 support, but are available every day on select hours. We recommend clicking this link and visiting Papyrus’ website for more information.

Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM)

Use this service for a confidential webchat service, or call 0800 58 58 58. They are open 7 days a week from 5pm-12am.

You can access the webchat function by accessing CALM’s website, which is available at this link.


This emotional support line is available from 4:30pm-10:30pm every day of the year. You can call SANE on 0300 304 7000.

For the latest information and more information, click this link to visit SANE’s website.

Hub of Hope

This useful service provides users with a postcode search that you can use to find local services to you.

You can access Hub of Hope’s website by clicking this link.

Non-Urgent Support Information


Consider using our website to find information regarding a range of mental health conditions, medications, therapies and more. Visit our Homepage at this link.

NHS Services

The NHS has a lot of information available on their website, and you can see more about accessing mental health services through the NHS at this link.

Rethink Mental Illness

Rethink Mental Illness is a website that has substantial information about a range of mental health conditions, and also offer a helpline. They can be reached from 9:30am-4:00pm Monday to Friday at 0300 5000 927. You can also visit their website at this link

Time to Change

Time to Change are working towards ending the discrimination towards those with mental health problems. They have a lot of information on their website, which can be reached at this link.


No Panic have many useful resources on their website that can support those with Anxiety. Their website can be reached by clicking on this link.


If you are struggling with psychosis, we recommend accessing the Hearing-Voices website, as they provide support for anyone going through a difficult psychotic experience. You can access their website at this link.


For support when you have lost someone close to you, you can call Cruse on 0808 808 1677 for support. You can also visit their website by clicking on this link.

Eating Disorders

Beat Eating Disorders have a fantastic website that provides significant support for those struggling with an eating disorder. They are open every day from 4pm-10pm, they can be reached by calling 0808 801 0677. You can also visit their website at this link.

Substance Abuse

Talk to Frank provides free confidential support to anyone struggling with substance abuse problems, including addiction. Their website is full of information, and can be accessed at this link.


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If you are struggling with your mental health, help is available. With the right support and treatment, you can make a recovery. For information on helplines, or if you are in a state of crisis, please visit our crisis page by clicking on the relevant link for your geographical location (United Kingdom), (United States), (International). You can also see how to get mental health treatment and the process involved by clicking this link.